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Top Five Cruises That Will Satisfy the Adventurer in You

Top Five Cruises That Will Satisfy the Adventurer in You A lot of people think of cruises as holidays for the type who want nothing more than to laze in the sun for two straight weeks, but they actually offer

Family Road Trips are the Best

Normally because of the nonsense people plan to get up to, road trips are often associated with hitting the road with a couple of friends and revelling in the prospect of getting up to no good at all. For all

3 Low-Key European Destinations to Enjoy Peacefully

You see it especially when summer gets into full swing, that being the flocking of tourists to certain popular areas of Europe, something that can really get up the nose of those travellers who seek a bit more tranquillity, peace

Hotel Alternatives for a More Authentic Travel Experience

There’s a reason why backpackers in particular dress the way they do and project a sort of “budget traveller” image. For all the hoo-hah that surrounds the perks of luxury travel and anything close to it, flying first-class and then

The Art of Travelling on the Cheap

Travelling on the cheap is definitely an art – an art which proves to be quite challenging for many people to master. Look, I don’t care how much money you have and how much class you claim to have, if

The Traveller’s Guide to Handling Your Money

If you travel frequently and you’ve noticed a distinct drop in your use of travellers’ cheques, you’re not alone. Travellers’ cheques are indeed becoming a once-preferred method of carrying money while travelling which is dying out, largely due to the

Travel Blogger Essentials

So you’ve recently been on a trip which you enjoyed immensely and on your way back, you questioned the direction of your whole life, getting sick just at the thought of going back to your regular life of slaving away

Why EVERYBODY Needs a Bucket List

Everybody already has one… It’s true, everybody already has their very own bucket list, but not everybody has taken the step to formalise theirs and officially document it somewhere as a list of things to do before you die. No

Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Visit Cuba

Because of the UK’s close political ties with the United States, the sanctions imposed on Cuba meant that anybody making a noise about visiting the Caribbean island nation would effectively be carrying out an act of defiance and in a

Why Travellers Love Casinos

Visit a casino any time of the day or month and you’re guaranteed to find a selection of people trying their luck on the tables or on the slots machines. Gambling itself is perhaps one of the most popular and