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Faye Cain

Traveller, Blogger

Hi and welcome to my blog!
I’m Faye Cain, and I’m sure as you might have guessed by now, I’m a travel junkie who’s just totally in love with the great outdoors. That’s essentially what my blog will be all about and I really hope you enjoy reading about some of my experiences and just some insights I have to share about anything and everything which is even in the slightest bit related to travel.

Join me on my travel adventures

Thanks for dropping by, Ive been a keen traveller ever since my parents took me on a biking holiday to Nice in 1985 and my thirst for adventure grew from that rainy holiday in the South of France.  I decided to start blogging about my trips and sharing some of my experiences and adventures so that I could look back on my travels when I was old and grey.

I also thought it would be pretty cool to allow people to share their experiences too, so if you’ve got a story to tell or a tip too share then please send me an email and I will add you to the blog.

Things I will be covering in this blog include:

  • My travels around the world
  • Tips and advice
  • Travelling on a budget
  • Cool places to stay
  • Things to do
  • Family holidays
  • Bucket list suggestions

And pretty much any other daily ramblings that come to mind when I’m not travelling.  Heres me and the family on holiday recently.















So please remember to leave comments, and like and share this page and drop me an email to let me know anything you would like me to cover.

Happy travelling.