You see it especially when summer gets into full swing, that being the flocking of tourists to certain popular areas of Europe, something that can really get up the nose of those travellers who seek a bit more tranquillity, peace and quiet from their holiday escapes. Don’t get me wrong, I mean attractions and destinations become popular for a very good reason, which is why a lot of people flock to certain destinations.

The problem with this however is that it can get overcrowded very quickly, with activities associated with large groups of people taking a lot of the attractiveness away from a particular host destination. The natural beauty of a destination particularly comes under assault when there are a lot of visitors around, so it’s perhaps pertinent to explore some of the low-key destinations Europe has to offer.

They’re naturally not everybody’s cup of tea, but I honestly believe if more people knew about them, more people would also flood them pretty soon. So I hope this won’t be a self-fulfilling prophecy in any way.

Gozo, Malta

Escape with a group of friends and rent a private house all to yourself, stay in a five start hotel or live it up in a spa resort – whatever your flavour of accommodation, that’s really immaterial because there’s a lot to get up to on Malta’s smaller island. You’ll essentially have to bring the party yourself if you want to party it up here, but otherwise there’s a nice coastline to explore, despite the distinct lack of your typical island getaway sandy beaches.

Exploration is the name of the game here, with coves to check out via boat charter, while you bask in an area filled with Greek mythology-type history. Divers will have a great time here with some of the best diving the entire Mediterranean has to offer.

Istria, Croatia

When most people think of heading to Croatia, the north western peninsula perhaps hardly ever comes up as a possible popular destination. Bordering Slovenia to the north and the Adriatic Sea along the south and the west, Istria is for those real foodies who want a good taste of perhaps what is the best of Croatian cuisine. Perhaps being so close to Italy contributed to the fine cuisine of the area and you’ll be in heaven if you have a particular taste for seafood.

The coastline is every bit as pretty as that of the more popular Dalmatia in the south, while the location’s natural beauty is made up of a nice mix of truffle forest and rolling landscapes. If you are indeed looking for a more chilled-out vibe, Istria is the place to be.

Transylvania, Romania

It’s all about the cultural experience with this destination, but don’t be fooled by what appears to be a sleepy-village type setting. Granted, we are discussing those destinations which are less crowded and offer a bit of serenity, but there’s actually quite a lot to do once you peel away at each layer of Transylvania. You’d perhaps be coming here specifically for a medical or cosmetic procedure if Transylvania was your medical tourism destination.

Medical tourism is indeed one of the many drivers for tourism to this region. It still doesn’t get at all crowded however and there is plenty of open space to enjoy somewhat of travel back in time, with lots of villages from the medieval times standing very pretty atop an extensive selection of rolling green hills. Catch a ride on a horse-drawn cart, but watch out for wolves, lynx and bears if you have the urge to go camping.

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