The French mountain ranges are ideal for planning a walking or hiking holiday. Gorgeous views, challenging peaks and fine weather all summer long, planning a hiking holiday in the French Alps is a wonderful idea. With such a vast area to explore, here’s a quick guide to where to head for a hike to ensure you make the most of your trip:

Mont Blanc

Despite the crowds, Mont Blanc is definitely one of the best places to head. It’s so popular for a reason as it has such spectacular views. As one of the busiest areas in France, expect crowding in the summer months, especially on the more gentler routes which tend to attract first time hikers and those who’re new to the area. For those who’re looking for a more intense hike that’s less busy you’ll find plenty of more challenging routes that zig zag up the mountain sides and guides willing to take you to the highest points.

The Grand Balcon

A great trail route which can take around half a day to complete is the Grand Balcon trail. With a great view of the Mont Blanc range all the way it’s a great walk you can do taking in incredible views of the lake. The only downside to this hike is that it can get really crowded, however most of the more gentle Alps treks are in the busy months so head there out of season if you’d like a little more space.

Lac Blanc

If you fancy some dare devil style zig zagging up the side of a mountain, the Lac Blanc route is for more experienced hikers, and you should allow 4-5 hours to reach the incredible lake. The route is not easy for children as it can be quite unstable underfoot and coming back down there are some ladders which you can opt to climb down if you prefer them over the steep downward trails. At the lake, there’s plenty of opportunity to stop for snacks and refuel with a variety of refreshments available so you can relax and enjoy the views.

With so many places to head for a hike in the French Alps you’ll be spoilt for choice. Head there with an operator like Exodus today who can provide hikes for all abilities in all of the most gorgeous areas.

After all those amazing hikes to enjoy, you’ll be ready to sit back and enjoy a delicious glass of French wine to finish off the day.

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