Taking a holiday in any part of the world should be an exciting and a relaxing experience. Even when travelling on a budget, travel plans can be quite expensive. While most people still get their salary during their vacation, the money they receive goes into bills. What if there is a better way of getting extra money while you travel? Below, let’s explore some of the most insightful resources of earning during travel.

Online Trading

In online trading, you are your own boss. While travelling, you only need internet access and a responsive online trading account. If you plan to work full-time during your travel, you may need level-2 functionality for higher analysis levels. Otherwise, you can depend on the ordinary trading accounts that come with real-time prices. Although you will need to review your trading position and the market in the day, you do not have to be on your screen every minute. If you’re looking to trade in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you may find trading robots to be useful, as they will monitor the markets for you and only invest your money where they identify as being a good investment. BitQT is an example of one of the platforms that offer trading robots, you could check out this review (BitQT Erfahrungen mit Chip) to see if it could be a good fit for you. In online trading, you can trade in varying commodities such as shares, bonds, currencies, among others. CMC markets traders, for instance, serve a large number of clients who deal with such commodities.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing payments vary from publication to publication. It is a renegade world where work can prove sporadic and paycheques can be inconsistent. Some clients pay their writers after the completion of a job while others pay a month later. At first, expect to get paid at the lower end of the scale. As you build your online reputation, you may begin getting a higher pay. The types of freelance writing are many from sales copy writings for websites, travel guides, blogs, to writing newsletters for companies. You may want to check out Upwork. There are multiple things you can do on the site such as website design, game development, virtual assistant work, research, video production, data entry, lawyering, paralegal work, engineering, social media, data mining, accounting, among others.

Teach English

With English becoming a global language, its demand has gone a scale higher from people who want to learn it to improve their career and education prospects. Because there are several established programs for doing so, many travellers have taught English abroad with a lot of success. This is also another way to know more about locals and new cities. If you are thinking long-term, look for a university or a school that will give you a one-year contract. Most schools will pay your roundtrip airfare. For the short-term, you may be hired for a month or two in a school. You could try teaching at a summer camp for a few days and take the rest of the season for travel. You can teach via Skype, in person or via Google Hangouts.

Given that you will want to travel and for which you would want some money, taking up online lessons could be the most effective way to teach. However, for that, you would need to have a stable internet connection and a designated workspace equipped with the best ergonomic chairs and desks from
office monster to avoid back pain.

Anyway, aside from English, you could also teach dance, WordPress, acting and others. Be sure to create a personal account, specify your time zone, and indicate your hourly rates.

Sell Products

If you have created unique products that are in demand, they can make you money during your travel. Etsy is one site you can rely on, and remember it is no longer just for crafty items. This is the only marketplace you could comfortably try clothing design. If it is something you enjoy doing, it will be so even when travelling. Consider how you will ship the goods once you are abroad. You could look for companies that would be willing to help in the shipping.

Work as a Tour Guide

If you have a passion for culture and history, this is a great travel job for you. Research about the regions you intend to visit and guide other tourists through. Tour guide jobs are many, including bus, outdoor adventure, bike, walking along historical sites, among others. The area you choose will depend on your area of expertise and preference. Some upsides include the fact that you get good money and share the wonders of the fascinating places with others.

While travelling, go in with a clear mind without relying on just one source of income. Also, understand that making money online will require patience and great effort. You will not put up a blog and expect thousands of followers in a day.

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