When you listen to friends telling you their stories about where they have been travelling recently, your jaw could drop. No, not necessarily because of the destinations they tell you about, but instead because you can’t believe they can even afford to do all of that travelling. What is their secret?

It’s possible that they are simply very clever with their financial expenditure while travelling. Here are some money-saving tips that you could utilise for your own holiday.

Use an unlocked phone

While you might be content with the carrier to which your usual phone is locked, that company might charge you eye-wateringly high roaming fees if you want to continue using that phone abroad.

Thankfully, you can avoid those fees by getting the phone unlocked; the carrier, if you ask, may be capable of doing this for free or just a little money. A different option is following BuzzFeed-provided advice to purchase a cheap Android smartphone unlocked.

Book time off work to fly mid-week

Airfares can be cheaper on weekdays than on weekends. Therefore, when booking time off for your getaway, why not have the first day on a Tuesday or Wednesday, when airfares are often at their cheapest? The amount you save just by doing this could significantly and pleasantly surprise you. There could be a benefit to arranging to take the return flight mid-week, too.

Resist trying to cram too much into a single trip

Transport can be one of the costliest aspects of a trip; however, you would not need to use transport as frequently if you limited the number of places which you visit during one journey. Hence, it could be more financially convenient for you to stay in just one town or city for the entirety of a trip.

Accommodation can also be a financial hassle; however, the less often you book it, the more time you could have to look for the best deal. By way of example, if you wished to book a bed and breakfast in Blackpool, you could follow that link to compare various deals on Toprooms.

Take a reusable water bottle

This is advice provided in a video for Entrepreneur. Brittney Castro, founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women, recommends having such a water bottle that you refill as necessary. That refilling could often happen at a suitable water fountain.

Reach out to geographically dispersed Facebook friends

Your Facebook friends list probably includes many people who used to be school or university mates but now live in many different areas that are all far away from your own home. You could ask these people for recommendations about where particularly big bargains can be enjoyed in their areas.

The potential benefits of doing this really shouldn’t be overlooked – since, if these people have spent years in these areas, they could be aware of money-saving opportunities so obscure that only locals tend to know about them. Even saving just a little bit of money here and there can add up over time.

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