Villas are becoming an ever more popular accommodation choice for holidaymakers everywhere. While villas have a deserved reputation for being a luxury option, they also offer fantastic value and a villa holiday needn’t come with an enormous price tag.

A villa itself can often cost a little more than a hotel but it allows holidaymakers to save money in other ways and ensure that they are getting the best value they possibly can. Below are just some of the reasons that those travelling on a budget should seriously consider choosing a villa rather than a hotel for their accommodation.


With a villa you get far more value in terms of actual real estate. When you break the price of your hotel room down and divide it by how much space it entitles you to, it is considerably more expensive than a villa.

The majority of villas (for example, villas in paros) also feature outdoor spaces and communal areas in addition to large bedrooms. It’s hard to argue with the value of a villa when it is considered in these terms.

Remember as well that all the space in a villa is private space for you and your family, you aren’t paying to stay somewhere you will have to share with others. In many ways this makes the space you are getting more valuable and makes the villa an even better deal when compared to a hotel.


Villas are self catering which means you have to provide food, but this is far cheaper than eating out every night. Even in the nicest hotels, it is unlikely that you will want to eat the in-house catering every night.

With a villa you have control over what you eat and you can save even more money if you are prepared to cook yourself and store food, just like being at home. Being in a foreign country means that cooking becomes a fantastic opportunity to sample the local cuisine at your own pace and in your own way. Paros villas, owing to the island’s small size, are within easy reach of local markets, where the most authentic local cuisine will be found.

It is well worth your time investing in a cooking book before you go. You can practice cooking with the kind of ingredients that are found locally to wherever you choose to stay. Once you get to your destination you can then apply these skills to the real ingredients. Experiencing the cuisine of a new culture is a great experience to broaden your knowledge of the world, doing so with food you have prepared yourself is even more rewarding.

Longer Stay

Villas are usually rented by the week, whereas a hotel will be rented by the day. This again adds to the value of a villa as you can stay for a longer period for less money! This makes them great for staying in places that need a week or two of your time to properly explore, for example the island of Paros.

Villas in Paros are plentiful, but staying in a luxury villa is a viable possibility, even for those travelling on a budget. The Paros luxury villas that are available allow visitors to explore the island during the day and relax in comfort and style by night.

Villas are often perceived as being a luxury that the money conscious traveller cannot afford, however this is not the case. Villas offer much better value than hotel rooms. If you are staying anywhere for a period of a week or more than you should seriously consider taking advantage of the comfortable experience offered by a villa.

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