With innovation and change as the fabric of modern life, many people find contracts with phone companies restrictive. How many customers have wanted to change something before their contract is ended? Often they have been disappointed in such features as phone coverage and reception, but are stuck in contracts that charge penalties if they try to divorce themselves from the frustrating agreement.

Fortunately, there are now companies that offer you state-of-the-art phones with excellent coverage and no contracts or hidden and added fees. Also, with pay as you go phones, you can change at any time your plan that automatically includes talk and text. You can also keep the phone you have or opt for another. And, if you move, you can even keep your existing phone number, a feature that is important to many, primarily if the phone is used for business.

No longer do customers of pay-as-you-go phone companies have to settle for poor quality phones being provided to them, either. For instance, now you can purchase a program that provides smartphones such as an Android Os Samsung Galaxy.

With the programs that do not involve contracts, customers are offered several options so there can be one to fit your needs. Some of these are appropriate for senior citizens who do not require too many features or minutes, or for teens whose minutes parents may wish to restrict. Though the senior citizens can take help from the in-home care professionals (in order to watch videos or listen to spiritual audios) hired from private agencies like Care For Family to take care of their medication and other things. Though it would be outside of their job description, still given that they are required to spend the majority of their time with the patients, the professionals might assist them. Anyway, customers are provided with choices of data for each month, and any of these choices can easily be changed. Republic Wireless boasts of nationwide coverage and allowing you as the customer to have control over what is paid and how much data is needed. Unlimited talk and text are 15.00 for a month, and an additional 5.00/month for 4GLTE data, making 20 for the month. (For each GB added there is an additional 5.00). Republic also boasts of no hidden fees, and there are notifications on the phones that alert you about how much data you have used, as well as where this data has gone.

Another feature of Republic is that it has 4G LTE service, and when cell service cannot be reached, Republic phones use Wi-Fi data so your calls can go through anywhere. Also, with this company, global calling cards are available, and if you are comfortable staying with this company, Republic offers monetary incentives. For example, there are bonuses offered to you if you sign early for the next month.

Ting is yet another phone company with no contracts. Its average charge is 23.00 per month. Ting provides nationwide coverage, and it allows you a risk-free trial period. You will especially like a feature which quickly shows you the usage of minutes, messages, and data and then gives you the dollar amount spent on this usage. Further, Ting offers you the option of bringing your existing phone and having it programmed, or of using one provided to you.

Perhaps a more well-known provider of pay as you go, or no contract/monthly programs is Straight Talk, a company that has several plans. This company offers you a basic plan of unlimited nationwide calling with options of minutes and options for data-capable phones for 35.00. This basic plan, however, has only the first two gigabytes (GB) at high speed. Most other plans for this company offer similar features and only provide a certain number of gigabytes before the phone drops to a slower speed, a speed which can affect the reception of some data. There is, however, a higher monthly plan that offers you unlimited nationwide calling and text for the month and provides anywhere from 10-60 GBs.

Nowadays, there are, indeed, advantages to opting for non-contract phone companies. These companies can provide you several plans from which to select the one that suits your needs, and you can easily change plans, too. With the opportunity to use your personal phone with such plans from Straight Talk, you also do not need to purchase another phone or change your phone number.

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