When thinking about a small computer, a tablet comes to mind. When they first hit the scene everyone wanted one. It was something that can be carried around anywhere. For the ladies, it easily fit in their purse. Tablets started to change every year. It could have been a different brand, design, or color. When did people know to get another one? It could have been because they felt that it was old. What is considered an old tablet? There could be certain factors that some people look at to consider if a tablet is old. For example, tablets that came out around 5 years ago could be considered outdated because of a smaller ram space or the operating system, also referred to as system processor, or could be slower than a tablet that was released this year. It could be that the older tablets does not have features that a newer one does such as better quality cameras or face recognition and also a smaller size.

There are several useful ideas for these older devices. It just depends on a person’s use or need whether it be business or personal. An older one could be used as a digital photo frame. It would be great to display a slideshow of pictures taken during a recent trip. It could be set up to switch between different pictures with a certain amount of time in between them.

Give it to a younger child is another idea that would work great. Children will not be worried about if it works faster or if it’s the newest device released. As long as it works, that is enough to get there attention. It is easy to download applications that would teach younger children things they would learn in school. Also if children happen to wander around within the device, it is easy to set parental controls so that certain websites cannot be reached.The old device can be put it in the car to play movies during road trips. This is another idea for people with younger children during a road trip. If a favorite movie can be downloaded on the device, it could play without any interruptions while driving. It could be used as a baby monitor is a neat idea. For new parents who do not have younger children to give the old tablet to, they can just use it as a baby monitor. As mentioned earlier, there are applications that can be downloaded to help keep an eye on the newborn.

Music player or internet radio is an idea that most people could relate to. If the old device has several songs downloaded on it, it would be easy to use it as a music player. While cooking or cleaning, easily set the music player to shuffle the songs. Internet radio is another option that could be used when having an older device. Some internet radio stations now have applications, also known as apps, that can be downloaded and the music can be streamed from there.

Another idea for the old tablet would be to use them to read electronic books, also known as e-books. This would come in handy when a person would like to go out for coffee or just go to the park or maybe even go for a stroll. Instead of looking at their phone or having an actual book, the tablet would come in handy.

Another way to use the old device is to use it as a security camera. Several home monitoring devices can be viewed on a phone or monitor. If there is an old tablet available, it could be used as the actual monitor. It would be beneficial to viewing cameras in or outside of the home. The only thing you need would be a security camera and a high-speed internet connection, such as Xfinity internet or a similar internet service in your area, which can provide seamless connection without any interruption. Having this in place could ensure seamless monitoring without any interruptions

A couple of more ways to use an old device would be as a digital calendar and/or alarm clock. It is good to have a calendar visible while at a desk. Using this idea, could be beneficial to planning future events especially when the calendar is at your fingertips. Alarm clocks are a necessity for most people and this would be a good use of the old device.

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