Today, the quality and speed of your chosen network provider determines your ability to enjoy your smartphone or tablet even when on the move. All cell phones rely on a signal from a mobile phone provider. Without a strong signal, it becomes difficult to make even the emergency call despite what your handset guidebook may tell you.

The primary factor that determines the strength and quality of your mobile coverage is proximity to a cellular phone network provider tower. The power of your network is usually displayed by your handset using a set of bars on the display screen.

However, you should also keep in mind that your phone signal may be blocked by hills, tunnels, or tall buildings. Below are the phone providers with the best network coverage in the UK.

EE Mobile 

Although the giant mobile provider was purchased by BT mobile last year, its network coverage remains the best in the country. Its cellular network infrastructure is comprised of the old Orange and T-Mobile frequencies which provide maximum stability and a broad coverage all over the country.

EE’s network has few black spots compared to the other mobile phone network providers. Although the provider has somewhat pricey mobile deals, its extensive coverage makes it the best option. EE also offers some of the best prices on data bundle deals in the country.

BT Mobile 

Experts from leading telecommunication industry players such as Broadband Choices argue that BT mobile has the best coverage in the UK after purchasing EE. However, this hasn’t been proven yet. But given that it runs on EE’s 4G network, you can be assured of excellent quality and a comprehensive coverage when using BT Mobile.

You also get access to millions of hotspots spread throughout the country. BT mobile has more masts countrywide after EE, and it offers speeds of up to 60Mbps countrywide. Its speed in central London may be as high as 150Mbps. The mobile phone provider covers over 300 towns and cities across the UK.


Vodafone is a leading mobile brand in the UK, and its coverage is excellent. The Vodafone network provides an incredibly reliable and fast 4G connection as well as competitively priced SIM, only deals across the UK. In fact, when you are in Wales or Scotland, Vodafone becomes the best option in terms of coverage. The Vodafone 3G service is available to 9-0% of the UK meaning that the coverage has few black spots.

The 3G connection offers speeds of up to 21Mbps. The mobile provider also provides a 4G connection in over 860 towns and cities across the country making it one of the most reliable 4G providers. All of its subscribers who are currently on the 4G red plans qualify for six months free use of Spotify or Sky Sports regardless of their location. Use comparison sites like Broadband Choices to get the best vodafone deals here.


O2 has also been a leading brand in the UK mobile network provider industry since 2002. It is one of the best-known operators around with the best PAYG rates and SIM-only deals. Its coverage is excellent and can be compared EE’s 4G coverage. The provider offers almost 99% of 3G coverage across the country. It 4G connection also covers more than 70% of the country.

O2 offers its customers free WIFI via its hotspot network in over 13,000 locations spread across the UK. One of its most influential selling points is that it rewards all its customers with a 10% of their top-ups back after every three months.

Three Mobile’s Network Coverage 

Three mobile offers an excellent streaming platform in the country with its unlimited data bundle package. You consume what you can manage. This deal has already attracted a lot of subscribers since its 3G network covers at least 98% of the UK with internet speeds of up to 21Mbps.

Three also has a modified and more advanced 3G network which offers speeds of up to five times more than the average UK 3G speeds. The advanced 3G network is available in over 80% of the country. Three has also rolled out 4G connection which is currently covering almost 50% of the UK.

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