In an ideal world, we’d be able to take two-week holidays whenever the mood takes us. Sadly, that’s not an option for most people, but you can always arrange some nice city breaks for quick weekend getaways until you win the lottery.

When you do, make sure you pick a serviced apartment. Here are just a few reasons why they make the best option for city breaks.

Feel the Culture

Serviced apartments are usually converted from period properties. Why does that matter? Because you’ll be staying somewhere that’s part of the local culture. Why visit somewhere like Bristol and stay in a generic hotel when you could book an apartment in a building that looks part of the city? An apartment in one city will be different from one in the next; that’s much nicer than staying in samey hotel rooms.

Central Location

Hotels are often built on a city’s perimeter; you can find hotels set right in the city centre, but those ones are going to cost an arm and a leg, which isn’t ideal for a quick city break. Most serviced apartments are set right in the centre of town, so you’ll be just a hop, skip, and a jump away from all the best activities, sights, restaurants, and bars.

Plenty of Space

While staying in the city can be great, it’s fair to say you might want your personal space at the end of the day. After the hustle and bustle of the streets, nothing’s better than coming back to your own little slice of peace and quiet. A serviced apartment provides separate areas for dining, sleeping, and living, so you’ll have all the space you could ask for.

Enjoy Local Delicacies

Plenty of cities across the UK are famous for certain foods. If you’re a bit of a foodie, it’s much nicer having your own kitchen so you can pick up a few of those local delicacies and prepare them as you like them best.

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