Everybody already has one… It’s true, everybody already has their very own bucket list, but not everybody has taken the step to formalise theirs and officially document it somewhere as a list of things to do before you die. No matter how good your memory is, even the most visual of mental notes you add to your bucket list will at some point fade and you might not even be able to remember all the things you said you wanted to do before kicking the bucket, let alone actually going out and doing them.

While not everybody has perhaps explicitly defined it as a bucket list, everybody already has one in some or other form. Compile it into an official bucket list, whether you just take a piece of paper and list everything, or if you go a more formal route like creating a blog for your bucket list.

You’ll Be Compelled to Follow-up on Your List of Things To Do

Even better – type it out neatly in your favourite word processor, print it out and stick it up somewhere, whether in your eye-line on your office desk, in your study or in your bedroom so that it’s the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up. The idea is that if it’s written down somewhere and your eyes are regularly drawn to it, it’ll compel you to try and make things happen – something which can have a positive impact on your whole life in general.

The compulsion to follow-up on taking positive action to complete the items you placed on your bucket list is even stronger when you’ve shared your intentions and you’ve let other people in on it.

You’ll Connect With Like-Minded People

Again, if you take your bucket list online and share it in your social networks or on your blog, other people will see it and in addition to compelling you to follow-up on it in this way, you’ll also attract like-minded individuals. It goes beyond just comparing your bucket lists and just discussing your similar interests. When like-minded people with shared interests come together, you can all take advantage of some group discounts for some of the similar items you each have on your respective bucket lists.

This way, it might just be quicker and easier to cross items off your bucket list than if you were to try and go it all alone. Something like sky-diving for instance is a rather costly adventure item a lot of people have on their bucket lists, but if you showed up at a sky-diving service provider as a group of eager divers, you could easily negotiate a nice price for the lot of you. It would be better if you pre-arranged everything though so that all the terms are clearly spelled out before you organise yourselves to take the trip.

You’ll Get to Know Yourself a Bit Better

While you’re connecting with like-minded people and taking advantage of group discounts, you’ll also discover more of your interests and learn more about yourself in the process. A close friend of mine whom I’ve been friends with from our high school days didn’t even know she was interested in going on a cruise until it was compulsory for her to go on one as part of company team-building field outing for her work.

In addition, bucket lists are also a great way to take part in activities that you might not get to experience otherwise. For instance, flying a military aircraft, taking pilot lessons, etc. You can acquire details from websites such as https://spitfires.com/ to learn more about slot availability and other details.

Just imagine what you might uncover, perhaps a hidden passion which you’ve not been able to put your finger on all these years or even something like a hidden talent that’s been simmering just under the surface, waiting for the perfect chance to erupt.

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