There is no greater nature playground than the Americas. This stunning part of the world boasts incredibly diverse and beautiful natural landscapes that include snow-capped mountain ranges, sprawling deserts, dense rainforests, epic blue lakes, gorgeous meadows and everything else in between. For a family looking for an activity based adventure vacation, you really are spoilt for choice here.

These are just a few of the amazing and unforgettable experiences that you could share:

Wolf and Wildlife Tracking in Yellowstone

The spectacular Yellowstone National Park in the Northwest of the USA is the world’s first national park and remains one of the greatest. It features an array of stunning geothermal features that include the legendary Old Faithful Geyser, as well as amazing wildlife. The thrill of tracking the wolves and other beautiful creatures in the park with a wildlife tracking guide is unlike any other and an experience that you will never forget.

Overnight Wilderness Canoe Trip in Canada

Delve deep into the amazing Canadian wilderness and away from civilisation with a special overnight wilderness canoe trip. This will allow you to see all kinds of fantastic animals in their natural habitat, as well as camp under an endless stretch of stars at night. You will feel completely at one with nature here.

Explore Monument Valley

The iconic Monument Valley on the Arizona-Utah border will be immediately recognisable to fans of the Western genre and a magnificent site standing tall in the vast red-sand desert. The best way to explore this sacred land is with a guided backroads tour, where you can get up close and learn all about the fascinating Native American culture. This can be organised through tour specialists, such as Grand American Adventures.

Helicopter Ride Over the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is nothing short of awe-inspiring and somewhere that everybody should visit at some pointing their life.Wandering the National Park is a great way to take in the mammoth canyon, but a helicopter ride over it will give you astonishing views and show you just how vast it really is. This thrilling activity will certainly be one that the kids enjoy. If you’re having trouble deciding where to go on your next vacation, search online for the Best places to visit in the USA and pick one that fits your budget.

A family holiday should always be packed full of action and adventure. It is for this reason that you cannot visit beating the Americas, which feature breathtaking natural landscapes that make it ideal for an adventure holiday. The above are just a few of the activities that the whole family can enjoy, but there are dozens more and throughout this stunning part of the world that features everything from frozen wonderlands to verdant rainforests.

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