Some people truly enjoy the colder weather of winter, but it is probably safe to assume that most people would love an escape from the frigid touch of the season. The best way to get away comfortably is to invest in a seasonal home.

Owning a second home not only gives you a place of respite, but it can also be a source of income in the offseason. Make a smart investment when purchasing your vacation home, and research some of the most affordable destinations.

Check out this brief overview of the top most affordable destinations for those who want to escape Old Man Winter.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

The historically dazzling destination of Atlantic City, New Jersey will have you lost for words when you find out their median pricing for a seasonal home. An extremely affordable area, Atlantic City’s average pricing is only around $53,000.

Atlantic City is also a great spot for live music. In the summer, the city hosts the Beachfest Concert Series. In the fall, you can catch the Fall Jazz Concert Series.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico is the place to travel when you wish to find indulgence in history, art, and culture. With a unique blend of Spanish, Anglo Saxon, and Native American cultures, Santa Fe offers a unique insight into age-old customs and folklore.

The capital city plays host to the Museum of International Folk Art, and hosts an annual International Folk Art Market each year in the summer. This year, the celebrations will be held on July 14-16.

Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater is one of the best destinations in all of Florida, and there are many that are great. Its family-friendly beaches and nightly sunset festivals make Clearwater an excellent place to spend the season. The median selling price for a home in Clearwater is an affordable $174,250, which is pretty awesome for beach-front property.

Clearwater is also the home to well-known dolphins, Hope and Winter. The dolphins were rescued by the aquarium and received special care for injuries they sustained from crab lines in the ocean.

Their story was turned into a blockbuster hit, and the two quickly became a symbol of hope and humanity. Check out Dolphin Tale to learn more.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Everyone knows that New Orleans oozes cajun culture. Its food is just as hot as its summers. The city presents the perfect mixture of history, culture, diversity, socialization, and cuisine.

People go to New Orleans to enjoy life and indulge in music and art. The median cost of property in the city of New Orleans is around $230,000. The city has great availability of public transportation, great weather, and great food. When it comes to New Orleans Hotel services, there are plentiful hotels and resorts that you can select from. What more is there to desire?

When choosing a winter travel destination, safe, affordable, and sunny are the top three considerations. Finding that perfect trifecta is so rewarding. Hopefully, this list will inspire you to find the ideal location for your next vacation as well.

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