Classism appears to be built into absolutely every aspect of our daily lives, whether we like to admit it or not and whether we’re okay with it or not. I can’t imagine anybody but those who make up part of elite class would be okay with this however, but hey, currently that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

You literally see it everywhere, even from when everybody is boarding the aircraft and business class passengers are shown one way in while the economy class passengers are shown another way. Whenever we go away on some family or adventure getaway to a remote location, there’s a choice between a bumpy ride in a Jeep or a helicopter flight worthy of royalty.

But what exactly defines luxury, especially when you consider it from the point of view of the travel industry? Perhaps an even more insightful question to ask is why on earth are some people willing to pay so much more for certain elements of travel for which the ultimate goal or destination remains exactly the same if you were to go for the cheaper option?

Fortunately, I was able to get a first-hand experience of one aspect of luxury travel, so I can at least give my two-cent’s worth from the “inside,” so to say.

So what happened was that I missed a connecting international flight which was headed back home and while I was waiting to hear if there was space for me to board the next available flight, a pair of sisters I had made some conversation with to pass the time in the Business Class lounge turned out to be of royal blood in a country I shall not name because I was sworn to secrecy – a secret I intend to take to my grave!

They were waiting to board a private jet which was going to land empty at my final destination after dropping the duo off, so they offered to give me a “lift”.

Well, there’s a whole lot I can say about the experience itself, but I’ll spare you what some would consider to be the “tacky” details and only say that I sort of understand now what all the fuss about luxury travel is about. Don’t get me wrong though, even if I had some of that money, I still don’t think I’d spend upwards of 15,000 to charter a flight in a private jet that doesn’t even belong to me, although I would probably get into the private aviation business if I had the capital.

But my friends think otherwise. Yes, you heard it right! They are more than eager to go on a vacation by hiring a private charter. Yes, this seems a bit extravagant but then different people have different wishes. They have told me that hiring charters are no more restricted to the wealthy sections of society. With the emergence of companies like Jettly (if you want to check out their website, then you can see it here), it could be now possible to book an affordable private jet.

Anyway, my point is that as much as the “luxury” in luxury travel is an option that is limited to only a few people in this world if more of us could afford it, it doesn’t necessarily mean we would value it enough to actually pay for it. It has its people, I guess, and for what it’s worth some of the elements of luxury travel are really nice to have and experience, so there’ll always be a market for luxury travel.

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