If you’ve been to America, you may have noticed that there are lots of “Zooming Away” signs located around the United States. Zooming away from a problem is something we all do from time to time, so why not enjoy some nature trails while you are in the United States? When I was young, I used to spend hours driving my family around the different landscapes of the western United States. I would take my dad’s small pickup truck, and we would go on these wonderful journeys across what was once the American West.

A few years ago, I was talking with someone in a small town in Colorado about our nation’s lack of nature trails. They pointed out to me that the little town of Jackson, Wyoming was actually the home to the very first National Park in the history of the country. It was also where the Wright Brothers flew the Wright Flyer, and it’s where Lady Gaga performed her first song. While this is an interesting place to spend a weekend, the truth is that it lacks a lot of recreational activities. The only reason I know of for spending time in this town is the fact that there are great food festivals and family-friendly concerts happening every weekend.

There are several towns that surround Jackson, Wyoming, including Cody, Leadbetter, Cody Springs, Elko, and Jackson Hole. Some of these towns even have more than one hiking trail for you to explore! These nature trails wind through beautiful scenery that is surrounded by mountains that reach into the sky. The trails usually end by turning right into a campground, or parking area, and then following the path back to your car.

These nature trails are perfect for taking your children, or grandparents on family outings. You can guarantee that you won’t get bored! There are two main factors that contribute to this: family fun and a local tourist economy. Kids will love being able to get out in the mountains and commune with nature. And because Jackson has such a small town feel, people will be staying in their cars to go back and forth between their motel and the small town. Because it is such a small town, there is a lot of local business at local diners and restaurants.

But it’s not just sightseeing that will take your mind off the cities. The Jackson Hole mud bogging event happens every year, and it’s a great event to be a part of if you like to take things like photo opportunities. Also, the town has a lot of adventure activity going on year round. There are tournaments of many types, all over the town.

Jackson Hole is definitely a destination. There are so many little things to do. It wouldn’t hurt to have a weekend planned just for you and your family to get away from it all, relax, and unwind. Don’t miss out on this awesome destination! Plan some Jackson Hole vacation packages today!

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