One of the greatest joys of travelling is meeting with like-minded people on your travels and when you get back, as well as sharing some intriguing travel stories with each other. Additionally, your own stories tend to playback in your mind like a movie, long after you’ve come back from the trip and that’s perhaps the one part of travelling which most people who don’t really travel are yet to get a full appreciation of.

One of the greatest travel stories I was ever told by a fellow traveller was that of an inadvertent traveller who never really thought about travelling locally as something they could do for fun. This inadvertent adventure traveller was doing nothing more than living out what he initially thought would be a dull life of being a mobile mechanic. Little did he know that he’d be in for some adventures many people can only dream of, albeit under deployment as part of his daily work.

So this fella is a mobile mechanic, which means he gets called out much like a plumber would, except the call-outs are to the road-side along quite a long stretch of the country, from North West England all the way to South West England! That’s a lot of road to cover, but that’s perhaps what made it all so interesting as he’d often get called out to some off-road, remote regions of the country, with adventurers, campers and the like needing assistance with a range of issues, like flat tyres (having run out of spares), a dead battery, etc. As busy as he is, I sure hope he has a motor trade insurance (companies like i4mt could provide that) in place for the safety of his business, and of course, himself!

So, back to my story! The weather got so bad on one occasion that he had to camp in with one of the families whose caravan had had its connection with the car’s tow-bar destroyed in some or other way (I don’t recall), but this was just a small part of some of the many adventures.

Since a huge chunk of the road-side callouts were for tyre related matters, the growing adoption of run flat tyres has almost halved the number of those types of incidences, so there’s a little bit less of all the inadvertent adventures to be had going forward. Either way, it just goes to show that the rich experience one gets to enjoy through travelling is sometimes attained in a way that wasn’t precisely planned for, like through your job, which in a sense is a representation of how travelling works in general.

Some of the best trips you can ever have in your life are those which are spontaneous in some or other way, whether you’re invited to tag along on a backpacking excursion at the very last minute or if the original plans of a particular trip start going out the window while you’re on the trip and you have to improvise and make a plan as you go along. At the end of the day, let’s face it, that’s what makes it all so much fun and is the reason why many of us actually go out and do it.

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