Have you ever wanted to explore the Himalayan Mountains, and travel Himalayas? If so, you have made a good choice, because the Himalayas are some of the most beautiful places on the earth. Travelling to the Himalayas is a unique experience that will offer you a glimpse into ancient history, and a glimpse into how man has scaled new heights. In this article I will give you all the necessary information you need to start planning your journey to the Himalayas!

Himalayas – the High Country, The Himalayas, also known as the High Country, is a mountainous region located in south central Asia, between the Asian and the Chinese continents. The Himalayan range consists of some of the world’s highest mountains, including the tallest, Mount Everest. The Himalayan Mountains is extremely high, with a mean altitude of above 14 km. This means that it takes many climbers many years to complete their hike up to the summit – a feat which is made even more difficult by the cold climate and freezing winds that prevail in the High Country.

Trekking The Himalayan highlands are home to a diverse group of diverse people – humanity’s oldest civilization, remote villages, adventurous trekkers, scientists, business people and even celebrities. There is a large community of people from Nepal and India – two countries that are most frequently trekked to by tourists. The highland route can be accessed by road, by airline, by train and by hikers. The best way to travel to the highlands is to embark upon a high-altitude trek, for this gives the best chance to see the sights and appreciate the landscape.

Popular trekking routes include: Kanchenjunga trek, Langtang trek, Goecha La trek, Kinnaur Kailash mountain trek, Auli trek, Manaslu trek, Darcha Padum trek, Darjeeling Sikkim trek, and the Indian Ocean trek. Most Himalayan tour packages include all these popular trekking routes, but some also include alternative trekking routes, such as Rameswaram trek, Darjeeling Sikkim trek, and Goecha La trek. These trekking routes tend not to have as many tourists, and their remoteness makes them less commercially viable as a tourism destination. So generally, the best time to go Himalayas is in summer – May to September. The weather is quite suitable for hiking during this period.

Traveling Along with trekking, another great idea is to visit the highlands and valleys of the country at a leisurely pace. While there is no doubt that trekking is an activity, it is better to mix in some nature walks. Besides, highlands trekking is one activity that you will not run out of opportunity to do, as it is an activity that can be done throughout the year and the seasons.

If you are interested in exploring the highlands of this country, then you can either plan a trip to nearby cities or can simply set off by yourself. No matter what route you choose to take, there is no doubt that Himalayas tours will make your Himalayan adventure truly memorable, as you get a chance to see the country at its most beautiful and charming state. So next time you are planning a holiday, don’t forget to include Himalayas in your itinerary. This beautiful country deserves to be explored more so that someday, people may be able to walk on the foothills of the Himalayas and take the same trek that King Arthur, the Conqueror, took centuries back.

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