Visit a casino any time of the day or month and you’re guaranteed to find a selection of people trying their luck on the tables or on the slots machines. Gambling itself is perhaps one of the most popular and profitable pastimes for travellers, but there are a lot of other reasons why travellers love casinos so much.

There’s Always Something To Do

Even if you’re not particularly into gambling itself, casinos often have a lot of other activities with which to entertain yourself. Although designed around getting eligible guests to the gaming floor so that the majority of them can lose their money, a casino typically has a very well developed and extensive selection of entertainment options. If you’re travelling with your family for instance and you want a place to keep your little kids safe in while you’re trying your luck on the gaming floor, casinos are typically able to accommodate children from as young as five years and older, with a resident, secure play-area that will have the kids feeling like they’ve visited heaven for a couple of hours.

Seriously, it’s like everything kids could ever want on the playground was all put together and housed in these casino children care centres. It’s often a mission to get them to go home with you again when you’re all done for the night, unless of course they’ve knocked themselves out with all the jumping around in what are the ultimate jumping-castles and running around with new friends children tend to make so easily.

These crèches are just built for kids to come and expend all their energy in, some of which even have sleepover-type movie corners where the latest children’s releases are shown.

The bigger kids are suitably catered to as well in the typical casino, with a gaming zone that attracts kids up to the age of 17 years (and even older), or up to whatever the minimum legal gambling age is in the particular casino’s resident country.

So casinos pretty much offer fun for the whole family, but for travellers specifically a casino is the one place where you’re guaranteed to find something to do. I suppose even just sitting around counts as something to do, something which you can do legitimately at a casino, without looking dodgy in any way. It’s almost customary for a traveller who has arrived at their destination to look up the nearest casino to hit up, even if you are undecided about whether or not you’re going to hit the gaming floors and try your luck.

Hey, you might even be staying at a casino’s in-house hotel – casino hotels make for some of the best hotels the world has to offer, even though they’re still essentially just somewhat of a “supporting act” to the main activity of gambling. That’s why you get some instances in which so-called big-spending whales are enticed to stay longer with a complementary room at the casino’s resident hotel.

The bottom line is casino’s are where it all happens, whether you want to gamble (which by the way is a great way of meeting new people, particularly locals), catch some or other theatre show, grab a bite to eat, shop, catch a movie or perhaps just hang out, and that’s why travellers love casinos so much, in my opinion.

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