Sometimes in life, you just need to get away. You need to extract yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city, you need to slow everything down, and you need to relax. There’s no better way to escape than to pack up your CBD soap, leave home for a while, and head on a relaxing getaway.

If you’d like to make Europe your next relaxing vacation destination, then, by coming here, you’re in luck. Below, details can be found four of the most serene getaways found across the continent of Europe.

Madeira, Portugal

Whether you take a trip to one of its quaint mountain villages or whether you visit the vibrant town of Funchal, on a trip to the island of Madeira, you’ll be sure to recharge. This is a unique destination in which a whole host of relaxing activities can be enjoyed. You could enjoy a walk around one of its world-renowned natural parks at your own pace, or you could check out its dramatic coastlines and see the stunning scenery that they hold host to.

If this subtropical island paradise sounds like the perfect getaway for you, then make sure to check out and compare some villas in Portugal. For ultimate relaxation, look into booking accommodation on Madeira’s southern coast – this is known as the sun trap of the island.

Cudillero, Spain

If going off the beaten track is your idea of a relaxing break, then you should head to Cudillero. Located deep in the autonomous community of Asturias in north-west Spain, when you pay a visit here, you won’t have to worry about being troubled by an abundance of tourists. You may come across a few fishermen, but that’s about it.

Regarded by many as being Spain’s prettiest seaside town, this small municipality is also home to a fair few sights that will be sure to catch your eye – if you’re a keen Instagrammer, don’t forget to bring your camera along for the trip. Whatever you do, just make sure that you spend a day at the new marina. Whether you’re interested in fishing or not, there truly is no more relaxing activity.

Brush up on your Pixueto, the local dialect of Cudillero, and make this small, untouched village your next vacation destination.

Corsica, France

Located in the Western Mediterranean, Corsica is a French island that offers peace and seclusion like nowhere else in Europe. Here, you’ll find everything you need to relax. Top-notch Mediterranean cuisine, pristine white beaches that spread for miles and miles, a laid-back atmosphere, and enough sunshine to fill your quota for the year in only a few hours.

La Gomera, Canary Islands

You’ve probably heard of Jersey and Guernsey, but have you ever heard of La Gomera? Being one of the lesser known Canary Islands, you probably haven’t. This could prove to be the relaxing European getaway that is perfect for you, though, thanks mainly to the fact that its environment is just so amazingly clean.

If you ever find yourself looking for a relaxing European vacation destination, just remember the four listed above.

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