If you had some kind of fifth-dimension x-ray brain vision which revealed to you what the purpose of each of the people on the plane’s trips were, that intel alone would be enough to write a compelling book. The closest thing you can get to that however is by picking the brain of someone like me, who makes it a habit of chatting to as many fellow travellers as possible about their travel plans, and in addition to some interesting reasons behind why many travellers would choose to book accommodation with the likes of VISIONAPARTMENTS, I’ve come to learn that you can get a whole lot more out of each trip you take by mixing it up with the different types of accommodation on offer.

Serviced apartments

I think hands-down this is the best option to go with whatever the reason behind your trip is, but crucially if you’re travelling more for business purposes than anything else. Here you get all the privacy you need and you get pretty much all the comforts of home, which means if you don’t feel like eating out you can buy some supplies with which to prepare your own food “at home.” Being serviced means they’re cleaned as well, so it’s like having access to all the comforts of home with the advantage of not having to do any housework yourself.

Backpackers’ Hostels

To be honest whenever I’m travelling alone, for the first couple of days or so I like to stay at a backpacker’s hostel before moving to a serviced apartment. This is just so that I can get to talking with some fellow travellers and make friends with people I can then meet up with later. So for just a short amount of time, backpacker’s hostels are great, especially if you’re travelling for leisure.

Top-Star Hotels

For many good reasons traditional hotels seem to be losing the popularity contest among accommodation options. They’ve been winning this contest for years and years, but now you’d probably stay in a hotel if you were deployed for work purposes and you really just needed to rest your head for a couple of hours at most. Otherwise hotels are good for ultimate seclusion. A serviced apartment would probably still make for a better option, I would think, but those appear to be in limited supply.

Guest Houses and B&Bs

If you don’t mind the host being “all up in your business” in their attempts to be warm and welcoming, a guest house or a bed-and-breakfast offers a great option for those travellers who might want to get to know the locals a little better.

Camping sites

If you’re ready to give up pretty much all the comforts of modern life then staying in a tent at a campsite is perhaps the best option for your holiday getaway accommodation. Granted, tents get really sophisticated these days with the rise of the growing “glamping” phenomenon and what not, but this would be for people who really want to enjoy somewhat of a digital detox and be closer to nature.

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