When planning the perfect holiday, some things are somewhat difficult to control. For women, getting their period during a vacation can be a factor that causes some uncertainty and stress. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about your period ruining your trip? There are various period delay techniques, either natural or medical, that can cause your period to start later than normal. This can help plan a holiday without having to worry about starting your period while travelling. The following are some different options to consider.

Natural Remedies

There are numerous natural remedies found online that claim to delay your period. While they are certainly not as effective as medication, it is possible they could have some effect. Additionally, there is the added peace of mind that these techniques are natural. These measures include: eating lemons, avoiding spicy and warm foods, drinking vinegar mixed with water three times a day, drinking a boiled parsley leaves mixture, applying a natural progesterone cream and exercising vigorously. Oh and don’t forget to keep hydrated, perhaps by drinking gelatine and water multiple times a day. In fact, gelatine is very good for you and it dissolves quickly in the stomach with the body being able to extract all the goodness from it – perhaps this is why companies like Capsule Supplies use it for their pill casing as one of its many uses! But anyway, you must also keep in mind that while these natural methods are simple, they may not actually work. To bend nature’s will, measures that are not natural are often the only truly effective option.

Medical Options

One of the most popular period delay medications is the synthetic form of the hormone progesterone called Norethisterone. This medication can delay your period from 7 to 17 days because it stops your uterine lining from shedding by increasing levels of progesterone. Norethisterone is only available in the UK and can only be received by filling out and passing an online consultation. While this medication is effective, there is much planning and organization necessary to ensure its effectiveness.

For a longer period delay, it is possible to use contraceptive pills by taking them two months in a row without the 7-day break. Taking the pills back-to-back means you could go two months without having your period. It is possible to do this for three months, but any longer is not recommended by doctors. This method would be particularly beneficial for those who are planning a longer holiday. However, it is possible to have spotting or light bleeding with this method. Once you stop taking the pill your period should arrive, and your cycle should go back to normal.

If neither of the two options above are possible, there are progesterone supplements available that can help delay your period. They would work similarly to Norethisterone as the progesterone would keep your uterine lining in tack. These supplements come in various forms, including topical creams and pills, and can often be purchased over-the-counter. As with any medication, these products can have adverse side effects that are important to keep in mind.

If you are looking to delay your period for a holiday, consider these options. Other medications cause even longer lengths of time between periods, but these are for other circumstances and possibly require more thought. As always, it’s important to seek medical advice to be sure the options mentioned above are safe and the best choice for you.

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