We’re a rather funny species us humans, aren’t we? I mean for all that Mother Nature has given us and other animals naturally by default, we’ve somehow found a way to commoditise everything, including what is now essentially the privilege of being able to breathe fresh air and even something as simple as enjoying the fauna and flora and all its natural beauty.

The economics and politics of that probably make for a discussion for another day and perhaps even another blog completely, but what is a discussion for now is that of the emergence and growth in popularity of agritourism as a means through which we can all just get a bit closer to nature and enjoy it in a few of its most basic forms — the best way possible.

So what exactly is agritourism? Agricultural equipment portal Agriaffaires takes us through what agritourism is:

You can probably guess from breaking the term up according to the two words it’s indicatively comprised of, those being agriculture and tourism. So that’s exactly what agritourism is — a super travel alternative which is enjoyed by both solo travellers and travel groups such as entire families, where the destination is a farm or plot which would then naturally be situated in a rural setting.

So if you’re an agritourist and you’re going away on an agritourism vacation, you’re essentially just retreating to a farm or plot, which would then naturally mean you’d want to have a more hands-on experience, so there’d probably be less or perhaps even none of the regular holiday clichés of lazing around on some beach somewhere.

Agritourism Activities

So what does one get up to when they’ve retreated to the rural areas and can legitimately call themselves an agritourist? You get a real taste of the outdoors and the outdoor lifestyle, pulling your weight of course through your contributions to the daily labours of life on the ranch/farm. It doesn’t end there however, because agritourism has grown to become so popular that it’s a bit more formalised than just taking your pick from a few farms to visit. The quintessential agri-desination incorporates quite the variety in entertainment, such as dining and shopping, a plethora of outdoor physical activities, a few great ways to relax and even a good educational experience, to name but just a few.

Agirtourism is more than just a passing tourism fad — it’s becoming more like a lifestyle that encourages a healthier, more active way of enjoying some down-time.

Value-for-Money Vacation

If you just take a look at some of the activities on offer as part of an agritourism getaway, you’ll very quickly realise that you get some serious value for money. Just thinking about the prices around the likes of wine tours, game drives, bird-watching, clay target shooting, etc., one would expect to pay a lot of money to enjoy those individually, but these are just some of the activities which usually come packed in with very affordable agri-tourism getaways.

I mean for some of us just getting to drive a tractor would pretty much make the entire trip, but students in particular and the likes are really taking to agritourism because of the affordability factor.

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