If you’re a frequent traveller and you’ve not enjoyed some or other form of freebie at least once in your life, you’re simply doing it wrong and you’re simply missing out on a whole lot more which the world of travel has to offer. This sort of thing should be taken seriously and is in actual fact encouraged by all players who come together to make up what is the travel industry, from the more obvious ones like airlines, hotels, travel agents, etc, right up to the more peripheral, but equally important players such as the providers of your entertainment when you’re out and about.

Travel & tourism is the one industry in which couponing is encouraged, and for those who can get really extreme with their bargain, discounts and special promo hunting, at the best of times you can enjoy an entire trip completely free. This includes everything, from the shuttle service you use to make your way to the airport and including the airfare, right up to your accommodation, food and holiday getaway fun. It’s not at all difficult and it starts with making use of tandem travel industry services like an online booking platform.

I speak from experience here and I attribute the success I’ve enjoyed utilising bonuses and freebies to something which might otherwise not appear to be linked to the overall idea of enjoying the frequent traveller’s advantage, that being the world of online gambling. Believe it or not (believe it), but I was eventually able to score a completely free trip, from start to finish, through a series of events which were driven by a thought-process that was set into motion by reading an online casino platform review.

The Cheshire Cat Slot Review I read brought my attention to some enticing offers which come with one’s playing of the game, including a no-deposit bonus as well as 100% deposit-match bonus of sorts and a torrent of free spins!

As mentioned, this set into motion my desire to want to seek out bonuses, special offers and promotions from that point forward, particularly with regards to the travel industry, which takes me back to the online booking platforms I was talking about, where it all starts. Online booking platforms generally offer whatever it is you’re booking at a cheaper rate than if you went direct. I really don’t know the technical details, but that’s just how it is.

For example, you get flights cheaper booking through an online booking agency, especially those which brandish their value-proposition as being budget booking platforms, and the same applies for accommodation. Here’s where it gets exciting though – if you book regularly with these booking platforms you earn loyalty points, all while being eligible to take advantage of the loyalty programmes of the airlines and hotels you’ll be booking at through the online booking platform!

Bring all of these together, along with the bonuses you get from the likes of online casinos to cover some of your entertainment while you’re away, and at some point they’ll all be eligible for cashing out round about the same time.

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